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At Brewed Awakening we enjoy doing things a little differently.  We want you to experience the freshest and finest in coffee and espresso from the West Coast’s only coffee roastery.  That’s right, it all happens right here in Corner Brook so you can be sure you’re supporting local business when you support Brewed.  The best part is we do it all through Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee.

What does Fair Trade mean? Simply put, it means a form of trade where farmers and producers of commodities such as coffee beans, chocolate or artisan goods are paid a fair price for their product and labour. All this is carried out in a sustainable manner to allow long-term trade and working toward fair wages and treatment of workers involved.

What makes a product certified Organic? Again, simple concept: products that are certified Organic are free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and grown in soil that has been free of such synthetic chemicals for several years to ensure organic purity.  Strict records of production and sales are kept and periodic site inspections are conducted to ensure adherence to Organic certification guidelines.

So, how do these relate to You and Brewed? Every time you buy a coffee, from the dollar-fifty mug of java to the five-dollar large latte, you are supporting both the Fair Trade and Organic movements.   It’s also part of promoting a globally aware community, right here in Corner Brook.  Seriously, it’s that simple.  You enjoy our product and service and we do the rest!  How do we do it?  Well, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve.

First, as mentioned above, we only use Fair Trade and Organically certified coffee beans.  Those large burlap sacks you often see around our shop are actually one-hundred-fifty pound bags of green coffee beans.  We order them directly from the countries of origin (Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico).  This in turn not only ensures fair payment to coffee producers, but eliminates middlemen – resulting in savings for all of us.  Yes, Fair Trade products do cost us more upfront.  However, for us, the benefits to the Fair Trade operations we buy from and the quality of the product we offer you is well worth it.

Second, we roast all of our beans on-site.  This means the freshest product possible for you.  We roast in small batches to keep our freshness standards that much higher.  Every espresso drink (macchiato, mocha, latte and cappuccino) is made from espresso ground fresh for each drink and our drip coffee is ground in small batches to meet the day’s demand.  You could say we’re obsessed with the freshness of your coffee.

Finally, we have an amazing who work hard to keep Brewed Awakening running in its beautiful and unique way.  You may have noticed that we don’t wear uniforms at our shops.  We want our baristas to be themselves and let their personalities come through in their service.  We don’t just tune in the local radio station then tune out our minds, we encourage our staff to bring their own music to work and share it with you.  We want you to know that you can stop by for a chat and that we can get to know you as more than just another body in line for coffee.

Ultimately, we want to offer globally minded products in a local way.  We want to show Corner Brook that coffee culture is a beautiful thing and easy to get involved with.  Be Kind, Be Local, and Be Brewed.

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