Brewed Awakening’s passion for coffee is obvious from the moment you walk in our doors to your very last sip – we strive to roast each batch to perfection.

Our Beans:

All of our beans are both Fair Trade and Organic and sourced directly from the country of origin: Bolivia, Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru.

Brewed on Bernard also offers Rainforest Alliance certified beans from Costa Rica and Ethiopia. These beans are slightly more expensive but for good reason: There are very astringent guidelines followed to produce them up to and including the demand for fair wages for pickers and producers as well as no farmer being allowed to alter any natural waterways to produce Rainforest Alliance certified beans.

For more information about Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, click the link below:

Brewed Awakening takes pride in offering Fair Trade and Organic coffee. For more information check out the “About” section of our site or head to the following websites:

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