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Brewed and NL Chocolate Company

Brewed Awakening and the Newfoundland Chocolate Company: A Match Made in Coffee and Chocolate Heaven 

There has long been a rivalry between the West Coast of Newfoundland and the East. One our side, we have Gros Morne, Marble Mountain, and, of course, Brewed Awakening. On the Avalon, the East Coast Trail, Signal Hill, and the Newfoundland Chocolate Company. It’s hard to decide which of the coastlines are the most ‘grammable, but we can at least find common ground and that’s between these two companies. 

This Fall Brewed Awakening and the Newfoundland Chocolate Company decided to partner up. The NCC now carries Brewed coffee at its café at the Avalon Mall and we’ve also introduced a new Chocolate Company espresso bean. Meanwhile, back in Corner Brook, our stores now serve the NCC Hot Chocolate, we use the chocolate in some of our baked goods, and there is a Brewed Chocolate Bark containing our coffee beans.

“To find another local business that has the common goal to provide high quality artisanal local products is a special thing,” says Peter Ollerhead, owner of Brewed Awakening. “We look forward to working with the Newfoundland Chocolate Company and seeing where the future takes us.”  

This past October a crew from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company came for a visit to our little piece of Newfoundland heaven. Brent Smith and Christine Dove learned about how we roast our coffee using our small-batch roaster.

The duo learned about the taste profiles of our each of our coffees and the difference between a light, medium, and dark roast.  

We also showed them how to make their own latte and the art of the perfect espresso shot. 

In turn, some of our team took a trip to St. John’s and learned how to make chocolate and did their own taste testing (hard job that day!). 

While the competition between which coast is the best may wager on, our two companies find common ground in having a pride in our product, our staff, and, of course, Newfoundland!