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Brewing a Mystery

This past November we introduced a new blend of coffee that was created for the Newfoundland Chocolate Company to use at their cafe in the Avalon Mall in St. John’s.

For the while it’s been toted as a Mystery Blend until we could decide what to call it.

We’re now ready! And (drum roll, please) the name of the coffee is…

The Trinitaria Blend!

In 2006, St. John’s artist Michelle Stamp created a chocolate sculpture of a mermaid for an Easter Seals fundraiser called, “Mermaids in the City.” Her story is that she’s a princess from  a chocolately land in Venezuela and was transformed into a chocolate mermaid to travel the world and give gifts of chocolate. Then, she fell in love with New Founde Lande and settled here.

This coffee blend certainly does pair perfectly with chocolate and we’re sure Trinitaria would love it! It’s a Full City Roast, meaning it’s between a light and medium roast; it still has the green bean flavour, but a bit more of the deep caramelized notes of a darker roast. It combines El Salvadorian, Honduran and Guatemalan coffee beans for a perfect balance of flavours.

We’re now serving this blend at our cafes in Corner Brook and it can be found online.